Monday, October 26, 2009

Book of the Week: Andy and Spirit in the Big Rescue by Mary Jean Kelso

This week’s story is the third in the Andy and Sprit stories. Once again Andy and Spirit show what a great team they make.

We are back at the State Fair. It’s the day after Andy won the ‘Grand Champion’ ribbon in the 4-H riding competition. He and his mom have stayed over to see the rest of the fair and see how the other 4-H clubs do in their competitions.

Tracy, Spirit’s owner, has promised a ride around the tents to show Andy all the 4-H animals and the rest of the livestock that’s at the fair. When they arrive at the rodeo arena, Andy is watching a girl practicing barrel racing when suddenly one of the bulls breaks down the gate to his pen. The bull races after the girl and her horse then takes off out of the arena chasing Spirit, Andy and Tracy. When they reach the barn, the bull and Billy (the school bully) enter it at the same time. Will Billy be hurt? Will Spirit be hurt? See what happens and how Andy and Spirit save the day.

Mary Jean has once again done a wonderful job portraying the love between horse and boy. Her imagery brings you to the fair and makes you feel like you’re riding with Andy. K.C.’s illustrations show you all the action in this thrilling story.

So, how does this book go beyond reading? At the end of the story, Mary Jean has two pages about ‘hippothrerapy.’ And several links to learn more about the procedure.

Check out:
American Hippotherapy Association
North American Riding for the Handicapped Association
You can also google “equine therapy” for more information and maybe find a location near you.

On a personal note: I have done some volunteer work with one near my home. This is an amazing type of treatment with unbelievable results. They can always use more volunteers too.

You can buy this and the other books in the Andy and Spirit series from Guardian Angel Publishing.
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