Monday, August 24, 2009

Book of the Week: Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog by Dayna Hilton

This week I have a very special book/project to share with you.

"Sparkles the Fire Safety Dog" by Dayna Hilton teaches children all about fire safety. Dayna is a firefighter and currently serves as a Public Fire and Life Safety educator in Clarksville, Arkansas.
With the help of father and son who are also firefighters, she developed a complete package of fire safety information that's sure to delight children as it teaches.

Her book walks you trough a day in the life of Sparkles as she helps Dayna teach children fire safety. The photographs in the book show Dayna, her son Michael and Sparkles get ready for the day and how they help children learn what to do in case of a fire.

Dayna has taken this book beyond reading in many ways. First she has an audio CD available where the story is read with and without page turning prompts. There is also a song about Sparkles.

If you go to Sparkles website, you will find activity sheets, games and much more. Sparkles even has a fan club your children can join.

To get her message out, Dayna has been on the "PBS KIDS Sprouts" as well as "Fox and Friends."

Where can you buy her book?

This is a must have book for all families with young children. You never know, these lessons could save your life.

See you back here Wednesday with some fun craft sites.

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