Friday, February 13, 2009

4th in the 4th tag

Another Friday and another tag. This one's from Elysabeth's Emerald City.

It works like this:

I go into my pictures and post the fourth picture in the fourth album.

So, here's mine. It's a picture of when my book, "Zooprise Party / Fiesta Zoorpresa" was being printed. Here the quality control guy is making sure the greens are the right shades of green, the blues are too ans so on. I'm glad I was there because there were some blues, greens and browns that weren't right and we had to start all over!

So, now I have the honor of passing this tag onto four more people. Here are my picks:

Shari Lyle-Soffe

Margot Finke

Kathy Stemke

Bill Kirk

Have fun!

See ou back here Monday with another great guest tip on how to take books beyond reading.


Helen Ginger said...

How wonderful that you got to be there for that! And you thought to bring your camera.

Joy said...

It was real interesting. I actually took videos too.


Bill Kirk said...

I think I'm in trouble, Joy---not sure exactly what to do with a tag (is it kind of like "tag, you're it"?) and I don't have any picture albums to pick the fourth from the fourth....

The closest I can come is a word picture. Pretend you have your eyes closed. Now imagine a line of Scouts hiking with full backpacks up the steep trail in the High Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, leading from 4th of July Lake up toward Lake Winnemucca. The sky is an azure blue and the sun is just beginning to warm the air along the trail which winds through fields of loose rock, dappled with multi-colored wild flowers in the full bloom of early spring. The hike up the steep hill takes nearly an hour and a half and at least two liters of water as the Patrol labors toward the crest of the trail.

At last, taking a much needed "packs off" break, the Scouts feast on GORP (Good Old Raisins and Peanuts) and fresh filtered water from the cold, snow-melt mountain lake. Camera out, snap! Now there's a picture....


Joy said...

Cute! Actually what this is is a 'tag your turn' type of thing. You post on your blog what ever the tag is along with a link to the person who sent it to you and links to whom ever you are tagging to continue on the fun.
No picture? Well, I think what you wrote here could work just fine. So, go to your blog, post either what you wrote here or another word picture and copy from my blog the instructuions and add your own links to be tagged by you.
Have fun!