Monday, February 16, 2009

Tip #28 Help for Reluctant Readers

Today’s tip comes from Max Elliot Anderson. He says:
I grew up as a reluctant reader. And my father was the author of over 70 books. Now I write action-adventure and mystery books especially for tween boys.

Author James Patterson has a ten year-old son who doesn’t like to read. So Patterson has established Read Kiddo Read to help other reluctant readers.

Thanks for sharing Max.

I’m sure there are lots of sites out there that can help children who don’t like to read. I suggest start by reading with them every day. Let them pick the book and even if you don’t like the subject, sit down and read it with them. You can also try any number of the other tips shared here to jump start their reading habit.

You can read more about how to motivate reluctant readers at Max’s two blogs,Books for boys, and Confessions of a Reluctant Reader.

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See you Tomorrow. I know it’s not my usual day, but I’m hosting “Prairie Dog Cowboy” on both of my blogs as part of their book tour. See you then.


Morgan Mandel said...

The trick is to tie reading in with something they can relate to and is cool.

Morgan Mandel

Joy said...

Very true. Thanks for stopping by!


Fairy Lady said...

Hi, When I was teaching 5th grade I had a number of reluctant readers. I set up a reading corner where the kids were allowed to read comics and magazines, as long as they were approved by me first(not too violent, etc.). When the kids finished their work, they earned time in the reading corner. They loved it and at least they were reading.

Bobbie Hinman

Joy said...

That's a great idea! Rewarded by reading time. I love it! Thanks for sharing.