Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Being Creative; What Does It Mean To You?

When you think of being creative, what comes to mind? Is it writing, drawing, acting, poetry?

I've dabbled in all of the above. Creating a work of art, whether it's a story or something out of fabric makes me smile. For example, I'm a Gator fan. As a demo girl at Sams Club I get to speak to lots of people each day. Since I live in central Florida, there are lots of Gator fans.

Now we have an old plastic gator we rescued after Hurricane Andrew. He's beat up and even missing some toes. Here's what I did with him one afternoon to show my Gator spirit.

On Saturdays I bring him to work and set him on my demo cart. As people sample my food, many of them make comments about rescue gator, both gator fans and those who wish they'd lose a game.

So, what do you do that's creative and brings you and maybe others a smile?

posted by Joy Delgado
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Kim Wheedleton said...

Very creative Gator! I prefer Nittany Lions, myself. ;-)

BTW, I linked to Zebee's blog in yesterday's post.

Joy said...

Thanks Kim. So who are the Nittany Lions?
Also, thanks for the link. I popped over and left a comment on a few of your posts. Love tha chameleon!


ReadingTub said...

Oh, no! I loved the rescue gator story, until I realized he was a UF gator. We're Vol fans 1st, then its SEC against the world.

You're right about creativity though, it's limits stretch to the limits of imagination.

Zebee said...

Thanks for stopping by Reading Tub. Daughter went to UF, what can I say. I LOVE to stretch the limits of my imagination, keeps me young.


ReadingTub said...

Hi Joy, You're a daily read for me. I love your thoughts and ideas ... they keep my brain fresh, too.


Zebee said...

Why thank you Terry. You made my day.

Joy aka Zebee