Monday, September 7, 2009

Book of the Week: Doing My Part by Teresa Funke

How much do you remember from history class about World War II? Teresa Funke has written several books on the subject.

"Doing My Part" is one of her stories. She uses real life experiences and spins a fascinating, can't put down, story about what life was really like for people in America during the war.
Here's what the back cover says:

Based on a true story . . .

Until World War II came along, fourteen-year-oldHelen Marshall’s biggest problem had been her height.Few men in Hayden’s Valley, Illinois are as tall as Helen.But when Helen’s mother is hurt and can’t work and her favoritecousin ships off to fight, Helen must find a way to supportboth her family and her country. Along with her best friend,Janie, she takes a summer job at a war factory and discoversthat not everyone welcomes her enthusiasm.
Determined to prove she can handle her new responsibilities,Helen must confront a lazy boss, two older women who try to slowdown her work, and townspeople who gang up on one of their own.But when she answers the eerie cries of her mysterious Germanneighbor, Mrs. Osthoff, Helen learns the true sacrifice of war. Andwhen she keeps a secret for a friend, she realizes that grown-updecisions sometimes have life-or-death consequences.

Teresa has done an outstanding job of bringing a part of history to life. Her characters are so believable you'll feel like you're right there with Helen as she goes through a life altering summer.

How does Teresa take this book beyond reading? Teresa has kits made up for homes schooling, book clubs and classroom study. You can read about them at Bailiwick Press. These kits help students and adults alike experience more about our great American history and pride in our country.

Where can you purchase this book?

Bailiwick Press

I’ll see you back here Wednesday with more fun ways to take books beyond reading.

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