Monday, August 17, 2009

Book of the Week: Tree House in a Storm by Rachelle Burk

This week’s book is about natural disasters, hurricanes to be specific.

Kenny and his sister Allison are growing up in New Orleans back in the 1960’s. Their favorite way to spend the day is up in their tree house they built together. Then along comes hurricane Betsy and not only destroys people’s homes, but also takes down the mighty oak tree where their tree house is. But keep reading because there is a happy ending.

This story not only teaches about how to deal with loss but also how to rebuild. Rachelle’s personal experience of living through a devastating hurricane is felt through the lives of her characters Kenny and Allison. She shows you what life is like, before and after the storm.

Rex Schneider did a wonderful job illustrating this story. His illustrations give you the feel of the 60’s and show how magnificent a child’s imagination can be.

So, how has Rachelle taken this book beyond reading? She has many activity pages such as coloring pages, crossword puzzle, a maze and a teacher’s guide to name a few. Her teacher’s guide is a great way for a teacher or parent to help children understand natural disasters in a fun way how to handle them.

Pop over to Rachelle’s web site to see all the activities and more.

Where can you buy Rachelle’s book?

Stemmer House Publishers

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