Monday, May 11, 2009

“An Environmental Guide from A to Z” by Tim Magner and illustrated by Aubri Vincent-Barwood

Do you like nature? Come with the author of this book on a journey into nature and learn all kinds of things along the way. Travel from your back yard to Kilimanjaro and the Amazon, even into outer space and below the ocean. Each letter of the alphabet is brimming with information as you explore our environment. Learn also about people who have helped improve our world and how you too can help.

The beautiful watercolor illustrations show our world and all it has to offer. Look for the leaves on each page. They list interesting facts and many have ideas of things you can do at home, in the classroom or in your community.

This book goes beyond reading at many levels. The information provided encourages you to dig deeper and do some research on your own. For example, one question asked is “What happens to rain water when it lands in a city? How about when it lands in a forest?” This is a fun way for a child to discover and learn about things in the world they live in.

You can purchase “An Environmental Guide from A to Z” at Green Sugar Press
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