Monday, May 18, 2009

“Earl the Earthworm Digs for His Life” by Tim Magner and illustrated by Lindsay Knapp

Today we have another one of Tim Magner’s books to share with you. This one is all about earthworms.

What do we know about earthworms? Come meet Earl. Earl is an earthworm who’s just been born and is trying to figure out just what it is that he’s supposed to do to contribute to the world. He sees bees, grass, ants and trees and knows he is different. When he realizes what his job is he is happy and loves to do it. What? DIG. Learn all about earthworms and how wonderful they really are.

Lindsay’s brings Earl’s journey to life. With beautiful vibrant colors she depicts the life of worms both above and below ground.

This book goes beyond reading with a helpful glossary of terms and a section on composting. You will even learn how to start and maintain your own compost so you can grow beautiful healthy fruits and vegetables to eat.

You can purchase “Earl the Earthworm Digs for His Life” at Green Sugar Press
posted by Joy Delgado
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