Friday, April 3, 2009

Raising Bilingual Children

In this day and age, being bilingual is really a must. Speaking only one language, what ever it is, limits you in many facets of life. For our children growing up in this century, they are at a great disadvantage.

Not sure how to start? Here are a few websites that can help you on your way.

The Multilingual Children’s Association has tips for getting started, resources, a bulletin board and more. They have community pages to help you find other families going through the same things you are. Dig around, I know you’ll find things to help you get started.

Another helpful site is Multilingual Munchkins. On the home page you’ll find links like Language Corner, Parents Corner and Reading Corner. The link I like best is the Activity Corner. In there they have a whole page dedicated to activities based on children’s books. They’ve taken books and found or created crafts, cooking and other activities that relate to the book. This site also has a yahoo group you can join and share with families all over the world as you teach your children multiple languages.

Looking for a book with an activity book and a teacher's guide that can help you get started? Check out mine over at Laughing Zebra - Books for Children. I also have lots of activites and interactive things on my web site.

See you back here on Monday with another great book that goes beyond reading.

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