Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Let's go to the Library!

Libraries are a wealth of information and inspiration. Living in Puerto Rico the past few years this is something I’ve missed. That’s not to say there are no libraries here, just that there aren’t any near me. So, what do I do? Turn to the internet. There I’ve found everything my heart could possibly desire.

Here are a few websites I’ve collected over the years:

The Internet Public Library
Here you can; ask a librarian questions, read newspapers, in the side bar you can link references, reading room, kidspace, teenspace and more. Check it out, it’s worth the trip.

Another site is Public
This lists all the libraries in the US. Not just public city or county libraries, but State library and archives, Library of Congress, Presidential libraries, College libraries and Law libraries.

Pick a state, pick a city, pick a library. If the library has it’s own website (most do) you can access it from here.

One of the biggest most comprehensive sites is the Library of Congress.
Here you’ll find resources, general information and more library resources down the side bar with numerous links under each heading. You can look at past and present exhibitions, leaf your way through their vast digital collections and library catalogs. If you need information, this is a great place to start.


Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

I love libraries too. Visit for a look at the most beautiful libraries in the world.

Jane Kennedy Sutton

Morgan Mandel said...

Thanks for the great links. Now I have to find time to explore them.

Morgan Mandel

Joy said...

Thanks for stopping by Jane and Morgan. Those libraries are really beautiful Jane, thanks for the link. Morgan, glad I could e of help.