Monday, March 2, 2009

Book of the Week: Rainbow Sheep by Kim Chatel

Today I have a beautiful storybook to share with you. "Rainbow Sheep" by Kim Chatel.

Genevieve is a shepherdess high up on a hill. It’s been raining for days. Everything is soggy, wet and miserable. Genevieve’s had enough and goes up to the top of her hill to make the sun shine through. When she does she finds a tattered, sad rainbow. She tells the rainbow all about her sheep, the land and the sea.

Can Genevieve make the rainbow happy? Why do her sheep turn colors, all the colors of the rainbow?

This adorable story is one you can read over and over again to your children. Genevieve, I mean Kim has a wonderful way of telling stories that your children will love.

Kim’s art work with wool is creative and innovative. She has a true talent at felting. She takes this book beyond reading with including directions on making your own sheep out of felt. She tells you all about felting, what to use and how to make felted soap and a needle felted sheep.

Here is a video of how to make your own sheep. It’s long, but by the end you too can make a felted sheep.

Part two is over on You Tube.

Over at Kim’s website you can find lots more fun things to do.

You can get your copy at:
Guardian Angel Publishing
or from Amazon right here.

posted by Joy Delgado
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posted by Joy Delgado
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Kim McDougall said...

Thanks for the wonderful review! I hope your readers have as much fun with Rainbow Sheep as I have!

Kim Chatel

Joy said...

I hope so too and that lots of them try making their own sheep. I know I will once I get back to Florida.


Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

I love the cover. This sounds likes a wonderful book.

Jane Kennedy Sutton
Author of The Ride

Joy said...

Kim is a very talented artist. The cover is just the beginning. The story is charming and a wonderful trip into your imagination.