Monday, February 9, 2009

Tip #26 Word Hunt

Today I've got another great tip from one of our readers, Helen Ginger to share.

She says, “If the kids are old enough, have them count how many times they find a certain word in a book.”

Thanks Helen.

This can be a fun challenge. Write several word on the board and have your students count how many times that each word is in the story. Try simple words like: a, and, the, and then some that are more specific to the story. I’m going to try this with my story and see how many times ‘the’ and ‘Mori’ are used.

You can read more from Helen at her blog .

Have fun with this and I'll see you back here Wenesday with another great tip.


Helen Ginger said...

Look at that -- I'm brilliant. Actually, I give you all the credit. You took one little thing I said and did a whole lesson plan!

Joy said...

Thanks for stopping by to see your words and what I did with them. I like this idea. there's so much you can do with word hunts.


Morgan Mandel said...

Writers have to do the same thing. Check how many times we use certain words in a book, like that or just and take them out.

Morgan Mandel

Joy said...

So very true. I've been doing that on my recent story. Writing for children, sometimes you want lots of repetition.

Joy Delgado
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Essay said...

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