Monday, December 14, 2009

Book of the Week: Wright on Time Arizona (book 1) by Lisa Cottrell-Bentley

Today I'd like to share what will prove to be a great series of mid grade adventure books. The books are about the Wright family. Dad, Harrison and mom, Stephanie are taking their two children 7 year old Aidan and 11 year old Nadia on an RV trip around the United States. They will be home schooled as well as get to see up close and personal the entire country.

The first book takes place in Arizona. The Wright's are about to explore one of the many desert caves. Aidan wants to see bats. Nadia wants to see minerals and rock formations. Will Aidan see bats? What kinds of minerals do they find? What mysterious glowing thing is buried in the rocks? You'll have to read the book to find out.

Lisa Cottrell-Bentley's books are a great way to learn about some of the interesting facts each state has to offer. If this book is any indication of what the entire series will be like, we are all in for a fun and interesting ride along with the Wright family.

So how does Lisa take her book beyond reading? In the first pages, there is a two page spread of Arizona facts that are beautifully illustrated by Tanja Bauerle. Things like:
State insect

State mammal
State flower
and more. At the back of the book Lisa has created a six page glossary of terms for young readers to learn a bit more about some of the things mentioned in the story. She also has a preview of the next book "Utah," a write up about the mysterious item they find, more facts about Arizona and a contest for young readers to enter. With links to her website as well Lisa has created a great learning tool.

Check out her website and pick up your copy today.

While you're there, check out her game page, blog by Nadia and character bios as well.

Take a look at her trailer. Enjoy!

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