Monday, December 7, 2009

Book of the Week: Soap, Soap, Soap by Elizabeth Dulemba

Today we have a fun book to share with you. "Soap, soap, soap" is both written and illustrated by Elizabeth Dulemba. This is a fun filled bilingual story about Hugo, a young boy. His mamá sends him to the store to buy soap or jabón. Follow Hugo's adventure to the store and see who he meets along the way. Watch out, or you might end up needing a bath by the end of the story.

Elizabeth's illustrations are amazing. Her style really makes you feel like you are running right along side Hugo during his adventure. This is Elizabeth's first book that she both wrote the story and did the illustration. She has done a wonderful job weaving a cute story and illustrations together. All young children will enjoy this book.

So, how has Elizabeth taken this book beyond reading? Hop over to her website page for this book. There you will find all kinds of activities to enrich the story. You'll find coloring pages, recipes, how to make soap bubbles, finger puppets and lots more.

Pick up your copy today at these locations:

and at your local Independent book store. Go here to find the one closest to you.

Before you go today, watch the trailer of this fun book.

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