Monday, August 31, 2009

Zebee's Summer Zoo Camp Wrap-up

I'm sad to say that my eight week summer camp is officially over. I'm keeping the pages live for a while so if you missed out on any of them, feel free to pop over and check them out.

We had lots of fun and learned all kinds of things about:

Meerkat Mania - have fun learning about these adorable creatures

Leaping Lizards - chameleons and iguanas take center stage

Virtuous Vultures - king and egyptian vultures come from opposite sides of the world and really are very interesting creatures

Facinating Frogs - poison dart frogs and African bullfrogs, some of the smallest and biggest frogs with some very strange behaviors

Observant Okapis - are they related to giraffes or zebras?

Playful Penguins - from Antarctica to South Africa, penguins thrive

Slithery Snakes - corn snakes are much loved and king cobras are among the most feared

Amazing Antelope - gerenuks have a unique habit and kudus are strikingly beautiful antelope

I had lots of fun putting on this camp and from the response from the children signed up I think they did too.

Will I do it again next year? I think so, but only for 4 weeks. Eight weeks in retrospect was a bit long.

In the mean time, I've decided to continue with a monthly newsletter featuring a different zoo animal in each one with other goodies as well. Want to sing up? Just go to my home page and there is a box to sign up for "Zebee's Zoo Zine" and join in on the fun.

Next Monday I'll be back with another book that goes beyond reading.

posted by Joy Delgado
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Anonymous said...

Excellent write-up of each animal, Joy! Very thorough and engaging!

Joy said...

Thanks Christina. I had more fun and learned so much doing this camp.