Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Story Starters for Children

Does your child like to write short stories?
Do you wish your child liked to write short stories? Either way, have some fun with these story starter ideas.
(Use them as a spring board to get your creative juices flowing.)

When I looked outside on that gloomy, rainy day, suddenly the rain changed from water to cats and dogs!

Without warning there was a loud roar shook the ground.

As the twister came closer, we could see cars and cows swirling around and around going up and up. . .

The peaceful morning sun shining on the river made it sparkle like a million diamonds. Ripples slowly started coming across the river.

See what you and your children can come up with. Be sure to share them here. I'll post them in an upcoming post.

* * * * *

Looking for some fun arts and crafts for your kids to do? Check out zoo camp. This week is all about okapis.

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