Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Saving Money While Traveling With Your Family and Still Having Fun

While I was looking for zoo news for my other blog, I stumbled upon this article. In today's economy here is a really good idea.

The Oregonian has a column titled "Omamas, journalist moms working for you." This week's tips are great ways to make your dollars go a bit further. It's titled "Making the most of your family's museum and zoo memberships."

If you do any traveling at all, this is a good way to have some cheap fun with your family.

Do you have any other tips about saving money and having fun with your family? Any freebies going on in your area? Share them here. Thanks.

posted by Joy Delgado
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Sharon said...

I had no idea you could do this. What a great idea! Thanks for sharing, Joy.

Sharon Reece

Donna M. McDine said...

Our membership to the Bronx Zoo gets us in at the Jack O Lantern Blaze in Tarrytown, Central Park Zoo. Without the membership it's like going to the zoo at least three times for all this.

Also, to save money...pack a lunch and snacks. It's a fortune to buy at the concession stands and usually everything is fried in the same greasy oils.

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Joy said...

Thanks Sharon and Donna for stopping by.
Sharon, it is a great idea and I'm glad we've found out about it.

Donna, I always take snacks for those same reasons.