Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Writing Fun: 8 Sentence Stories

So what is an 8 Sentence Story? It's a fun writing exercise. Here's how it works.

1. Write an eight word sentence.
2. Sentence two starts with the second word of the first sentence.
3. Sentence three starts with the third word of the first sentence.
4. - 8. Each sentence starts with the corresponding word from the first sentence.

Now, your eight sentence story might not make sense, or be grammatically correct, that's okay. It will get you started on a road to what might be your next story.

Do this with your children or students. You never know what you/they might come up with.

Here's one I wrote:

Danny loved sailing on the ocean with dad.
Loved the feel of the wind on his face.
Sailing was something Danny wanted to do all the time.
On the sailboat, Danny was the First mate.
The First Mate got to help the Captain sail the boat.
Ocean trips were always fun.
With dad’s help, the first thing he did was put up the sails.
Dad was a good Captain.

Now you try it and please share them here.

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