Monday, July 6, 2009

Book of the Week: The Little Man in the Map by E. Andrew Martonyi

Today I have a real treat for you. E. Andrew Martonyi has written a book that delights and teaches at the same time. You will learn all about the 50 states, where they are in the country and lots more. Here is the trailer to give you a sneak peek.

“The Little Man in the Map” is a clever rhyming story. Meet MIM, the Man in the Map. Have fun with him as he walks you through all 50 states with simple ways to remember where they are in relation to each other.

Ed Olson did a superb job illustrating the map of the United States. With his artwork and Andrew’s rhymes you can’t help but learn US geography.

This is a wonderful book for schools and homes to have on their bookshelves. Children and adults alike will learn something new from “The Little Man in the Map.”

Lets’ see how E. Andrew Martonyi takes his book beyond reading. At the end of the story there are two pages with maps of the USA. The first has each state as it was depicted in the story to help you put the country all together the way you just learned it. The second map is a blank map of the USA and as the little man in the map says; “A blank map of the USA Plus your imagination Are all you need to learn the states – All fifty in our nation.” Here you can practice what you’ve just learned from reading the book.

In addition, over at School Side Press there are a few more things to enhance your experience. There are two coloring pages from the book (free) and a wall map you can purchase and put up on your wall.

What’s next for E. Andrew Martonyi? He’s teamed up again with MIM to teach the State Capitals.

Where can you purchase this great book?
Schoolside Press

Be sure to visit Zebee tomorrow as he’ll be talking about “Zebee’s Summer Zoo Camp” that starts today. If you haven’t signed your children up yet, it’s not too late. Hop over to our zoo camp page to sign up. This is the first week and it’s all about Meerkat Mania.

I’ll see you back here Wednesday with more ideas on making learning fun.

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FrogsJumpUSA said...

Thanks so much for the wonderful review of The Little Man In the Map. Greatly appreciated!
Andrew Martonyi

FrogsJumpUSA said...

I also want to mention that my book being named your Book of the Week is perfect as this week is my Birthday week.
Andrew Martonyi

Joy said...

You're welcome Andrew. Also, Happy Birthday!