Monday, July 27, 2009

Book of the Week: The 4 Little Pigs by Jeanette Ramnarine

This week I have a really cool book for children. Jeanette has done a great job helping us teach our children about the use of money.

Welcome to "The 4 Little Pigs." It's Caleb's third birthday and his parents want him to learn how to save and spend money. One of his presents is a box of 4 little piggy banks. They are named schooling, saving, spending and sharing. See how Caleb learns what to do with his money and how he decides to spend it.

Jeanette has created an easy to read and understand book about finances that all young children can understand. She shows ways to teach your young ones how to handle their allowances. Franfou's illustrations fit perfectly.

So, how does Jeanette take her book beyond reading? First, the whole book lends itself to questions and discussions between parent and child. Beyond that at the back of the book there's a chart with guidlines for how to encourage your child to split their allowance into the four groups. Over at her website, 4 Piggies she has each piggy bank with ideas for children on what to do with the money inside. Also, when she talks at schools she has coloring pages of the 4 little piggy banks that children can color and talk about what they'd use the money in each one for.

You also can buy the banks to help your young ones get started.
Where can you buy the book and the banks?

Check it out and get your children on their way to financial independence.

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