Monday, July 13, 2009

Authors Who Go beyond Reading

Today I’m deviating from my normal post of Book of the Week. Instead I want to highlight several authors who do an outstanding job at taking books beyond reading.
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Authors of children books are working harder than ever to take their books beyond reading. Here are a few well know authors who really know how to take their books beyond reading.

Barbara Park aka Junie B. Jones – What a fun filled site. There are activities galore you can sink your brains into. She has an interactive coloring book, fun downloadable activities, screensavers and trivia quizzes. For teachers she has a great teacher’s guide. Also, if you have older children she has books for them too.

Jan Brett – If you’ve never visited her web site, go there now. This is one author who really gets it. She’s a talented writer and illustrator. Her site will take you into her world of characters. She has art for teachers to use in their classrooms, interactive games for your children to do, murals you can print out, color and create and many more activities. She does all this using her loveable characters and even teaches you how to draw them.

Some new up and coming authors are working hard to give readers and parents lots of things to do. Here are a few examples:

Cynthia Reeg has a great Kids page. She has games, crafts, puzzles, reading fun, recipes and cool stuff. Definitely check this out.

Don P. Hooper’s activity page is awesome. He’s got coloring pages and interactive games that are a fun challenge.

So, check out your favorite children’s authors site. You never know what you might find.

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