Friday, June 26, 2009

Learning Spanish the Fun Way

There are lots of programs out there to teach you Spanish. I’ve searched and found a few that look like lots of fun while learning. Here they are:

Muzzy is in it’s 20th year teaching foreign languages. You can learn Spanish, Italian, French, German and Chinese! Check out Muzzy’s web site or purchse the Spahish version from the link below.

A great site with lots of kid friendly links is put up by the University of Northern Iowa. Bienvenidos offers links to games, lessons. Be aware, some of the links don’t work, but don’t let this keep you from exploring the page. What you do find will be full of information and fun things to do.

Mexico for Kids is a fun colorful site put out by the Mexican government. Here you will play games, learn about the history of Mexico and more interesting things all about Mexico.

So, did this get you in the mood to explore more and see what sites you can find that will help you and your family learn a second, or third language? I hope so. Have fun and I’ll see you back her Monday with another book that goes beyond reading.

posted by Joy Delgado
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