Friday, April 24, 2009

A Few Cool Kids Sites I Found While Surfing

The internet continues to amaze me. It doesn't where in the world you live, you have access to it all. Truly global.

Okay, on with today's post. I like to surf the net like most people. I'll get an idea in my head and google it to see what pops up. While I doing that, I've come up with some great sites. Here are a few of them.

Pitara is full of interesting links. They have literature, a magazine, discover (science) and activities and games. They a
Have a Junior section for young children with fun games and stories.

Enchanted Learning Diorama Like to make dioramas with your kids? Here are lots of ideas. Go create one for their favorite book. Have fun! There are also lots of other crafts ideas you can use here for free.

Like animal trivia and facts? Go to Sheppard Software’s free pages on just that.

Part of PBS Kids, Reading Rainbow has short video book reviews, games and other fun stuff to do.

What are some of your favorite sites? or those of your children?

See you back here on Monday with another great book that goes beyond reading.

posted by Joy Delgado
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