Monday, February 2, 2009

Tip #24 Interactive play

Today’s tip comes from Barbara Techel.

She says, “I take my book beyond reading when I do presentations at school with children. Frankie (my dachshund) is in a wheelchair, which is what the book is about. This teaches some powerful lessons.

“I get the kids involved by having a volunteer help me take Frankie out of her wheelchair so it shows them how easy it is and not to be afraid. I also show them how I do physical therapy for her and then have the practice. It goes over quite well. Instills in them that animals are REAL and they do get hurt and they do need help and teaches them responsibility.”

Thanks Barbara.

This is a great way to teach more and reinforce the story. So, what can you do with your child or students favorite books? Have fun and please do share your ideas here.

You can visit more with Barbara and Frankie at Joyful Paws.

See you Wednesday with another great tip from one of our readers.


terri.forehand said...

What an inspiring entry. I look forward to teaching children in similar ways as a nurse and as a writer.

Thanks for sharing.

Joy said...

Terri, I'm glad this has sparked ideas for you. Let me know how you work it into what you do.