Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Tip #22 Reading with sound effects

Another guest of mine, Jane Kennedy Sutton says,

“I have a two-year-old grandson who loves books. He enjoys sound effects as we read. I have to admit his grandfather is much better at that than I am.”

Thanks Jane. You can follow Jane at her blog Jane's Ride.

Sound effects are a great way to make a child remember the story long after you’ve put it back on the shelf.

But be careful, if your children are like mine were, they will remember and remind you if you read it differently the next time around!


Chester Campbell said...

Hadn't thought of sound effects while reading. Makes sense, though. How about a happy sound? Check my blog and you'll see you've been tagged to list six things that make you happy. Then you're supposed to pass it on to five others. Cheers!

Krista said...

Everyone who was in my 2nd grade class remembers our teacher, Miss Heal, reading Charlotte's Web to us and doing different voices for all of the characters. It's still one of my favorite books and she's still one of my favorite teachers.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

You're right - it's important to remember what sounds you used because the kids will! And thanks for the mention of my blog.

Jane Kennedy Sutton

Joy said...

Chester, Krista and Jane, thanks for stopping by.
Chester, a happy voice would have a big smile on your face and a hint of a giggle in it.
Krista, I'm glad you remembered such fond memories.
Jane, you are most welcome and thank you for reminding me of this way to take books beyond reading.

Sharon said...

Joy, thanks for commenting on my blog. It's not so much our faith as it is God's faithfulness. The great thing is that faith can grow but conversely we can also allow it to decrease.

You have great tips. Sound effects definitely make an impact. But my husband is definitely much, much better at it than I am.


Anonymous said...

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