Saturday, January 24, 2009

Tip #19 Research, the fun kind

Are you ever curious about the people, animals and places you read about?

Can you remember reading a book when you were a child and wondering what it was like to be there?

Did you ever look up a place you read about to learn more?

This is something you can do with your child or student. With the internet it’s much easier than when we were kids. Literally there is a world of knowledge at your fingertips.

Maybe you just finished a book about dinosaurs or the pyramids. Looking it up in places like Wikipedia and other online encyclopedias can lead you down paths of learning some very interesting facts. Or you can always just google it.

Try it. You might just learn something you can use at the next party you go to and impress your friends.


Morgan Mandel said...

Research is so much easier to achieve these days also. Kids are getting more and more savvy about computers and can look up info on them. Of course, they need to be supervised because there are some no-nos on computers also.

Morgan Mandel

Annay Dawson said...

One thing I find is that doing the research for my books is faster on the internet, but sometimes it is nice to have a book sitting right beside me so that I can reference it while I work instead of jumping frames. I also think kids need to experience the type of research we did when we were young so that they understand just how much better this is with the web at their finger tips.

Joy said...

Thank you both for stopping by. It's fun to look up and discover new things. Just think, none of us who do lots of research will ever get Alzheimers, our brains will never stop growing and regenerating cells. :)