Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tip #1 Pre reading discussion questions

Read the book first. Then, think of 3-5 questions you can ask your child or students about the story. For example, my book, “Zooprise Party / Fiesta Zoorpresa” is about a surprise birthday party for one of the animals in the zoo. In my teacher’s guide that goes along with it, these are some of the questions I listed:

* What do we call the day you were born?
* Did you know animals have birthdays too?
* Who could you plan a surprise party for?
* What would you do to make sure the person the party was for didn’t find out?
* How would you get them to the party?

Get the idea? Now, go pick out one of your child’s or students favorite books and come up with questions of your own.

See you tomorrow with another fun and easy tip to take Books beyond reading.


Anonymous said...

Good post and I like the idea and purpose of this blog, Joy.

Joy said...

Thank you Marvin. Glad you stopped by.

Beth Groundwater said...

Good idea! I remember when I was reading picture books to my young kids that I always asked them to point to something in the illustrations, too (where's the tiger?), or to a answer a question about the illustration (what color is the girl's dress?)

lucia said...

Great blog, great idea! I'll look forward to more suggestions in the coming days. Lucia

Joy said...

Beth, glad I could trigger some good memories.
Lucia, thank you. I hope I hit on something that resonates with you to help take books beyond reading.